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MD Clothing & Cosmetics is a premium online brand that is based in Birmingham in the UK, their brand is focused on offering upscale fashion & luxury clothing, cosmetics, handbags, and other accessories.

Their founder, Samina reached out to our team on fixing some glaring issues that were caused by the work of another agency, hindering their website and disrupting user experiences and that doesn’t sit well with us.

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Rebuilding the Storefront

MD Clothing & Cosmetics was in a bit of a rough state.

For starters, there was no direction on the website.

Too much distracting information on the website would confuse the visitor and they would more than likely leave.

Speaking of bad user experiences, the navbar on mobile was completely unresponsive and that obviously is bad for trust in the brand and conversions.

The agency that they had worked with before us build their theme from scratch, which can be cool.

However, it’s best to work with an existing Shopify Theme as it’s easier for other developers to work on it.

So we had to go back to basics.

We rebuilt the entire storefront using the Dawn theme.

Why Dawn?

Shopify Dawn Theme

Even though Dawn is the default free Shopify theme, it doesn’t mean it’s not truly powerful and flexible.

We like the simplicity that Dawn provides and how modular it is with its customization.

Also, Dawn is perfect for fashion brands and those that are looking for a beautiful theme that they are in complete control over with the incredible features that it provides.

Finishing Touches

MD Clothing & Cosmetics - Product Page

After fixing the mess that the previous agency had left, we restored to the beautiful storefront it should’ve been in the first place.

We then advised Samina to conduct customer surveys, encourage feedback reviews, and helped her get set up with Klavio email marketing automation to increase her retention.

The Outcome

Samina was relieved that we were able to fix her website and help her put her brand back on track.

Her store has had quite a few sales since then and is growing every day and we’re thrilled to have been part of the journey!

But don’t take our word for it, see what Samina has to say!

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“Thank you, you always motivate me. If was not for you I would’ve given up on my website tbh so thank you”

Samina Khan, Owner & Founder of MD Clothing & Cosmetics

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