Epanoui Apparel – Case Study

Epanoui Apparel – Case Study

Epanoui Apparel - Logo

Epanoui Apparel is an e-boutique brand based in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan that sells upscale retail fashion that is eco-friendly and are coming from reputable suppliers.

So We reached out to them and spoke to the founder, Jennie to help her store become more optimized and better suited to her branding as well as their target audience.

Epanoui Apparel - Homepage

Tailoring the Storefront

Often a challenge for brands to properly build an effective online presence.

The messaging has to be not only aligned with your brand but also with your target audience.

We did this by conducting research on the business model of sustainable high-end fashion.

For the main accent color, we used a very light beige color.

As the color is often associated with trust, comfort, and tranquility.

Staying true to the brand while respecting the target audience and tailoring the storefront towards both.

Next, we utilized the power of AI to put together a power copy that speaks to their audience on a personal level, this helps foster a relationship between the brand and the targeted market.

The Need for Speed

Website speed is often an overlooked metric that impacts conversions.

Epanoui Apparel had several apps and high-quality images that were negatively impacting the performance of its website.

And what we did is optimize all of the images to shrink their file sizes down to load quicker and then enable pre-caching on the website in order to deliver quality content and images faster to the user, improving its speed.

Finishing Touches

Next, we conducted technical on-page changes such as header tag corrections, site mapping, alt tags, and providing Google Analytics in order for Google to index their website.

Lastly, we optimized epanouiapparel.com by providing SEO changes such as doing keyword research, consulting about the importance of blogging, and establishing credibility as well as authority.

The Outcome

Jennie was uncertain about why her store wasn’t getting any sales and was unsure where to turn.

Our team was able to successfully optimize her website for SEO, Speed, and the right and proper branding in order to help her store achieve the most success.

We’re looking forward to seeing them grow and find success!

But don’t take our word for it, see what Jennie has to say!

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